Bird barrels
Special project with AD magazine & Khokhloma factory

Presentation: iSaloni Moscow 2016

AD Magazine proposed me to collaborate with masters of handicraft painting from Khokhloma factory to create an object with the savoir-faire of masters from the Semyonovo city.

Khokhloma painting is the name of a Russian wood painting handicraft style and national ornament, known for its vivid flower patterns, red and gold colors over a black background, and the effect it has when applied to wooden tableware or furniture, making it look heavier and metal-like.

The collection is based on the idea ofconnection between traditional and contemporary. Khokhloma painting is used here as a contrasting additional element, in this way Birds may be placed on a shelf, without prejudice to the modern interior. The set consist three barrels, covered by multi-layer coating technology that not only achieves a smooth and glossy color, but also provides an excellent long-term protection to the products.


Press AD magazine.