Portable projector
with the cartoons for kids
Client / Cinemood
Year / 2017

CINEMOOD is an innovative,  standalone, portable device revolutionizing the projector space. With a built-in digital library and online streaming services that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, CINEMOOD is quickly being recognized as the new must have device for kids and adults alike. Easy to use, the push of a button will switch it on so you can play your favorite videos and shows or read colorful digital books on the ceiling, outside for movies nights, and much more. Not only is the device innovative, but CINEMOOD brings friends and family together in a new way, fostering social engagement and providing a quality, viewing experience anywhere. 




The original idea for CINEMOOD was to develop a device that would bring families together in a new way that would offset the individual, isolated experience of today’s devices (phones, tablets, etc.). The brief was simple, design a smart projector that would be easily adopted by children. Traditional projectors are loud, heavy, potentially dangerous and not attractive. Soft futurism laid behind the idea of CINEMOOD. In cartoons about the future, objects are smooth, very simple and friendly.

CINEMOOD was designed to be extremely durable and safe for kids to use. In order to accomplish this, we were required to design a projector with lower lumens in case a child accidently directed the light into their eyes while still providing a crisp, clean image. With only 35 lumens, CINEMOOD is the only projector which kids can safely use without supervision. With a proprietary operating system, the device delivers exceptional image quality, creating a screen that expands up to 12 feet.


Another unique design aspect to conquer was the loud fan typically found in projectors. With CINEMOOD we designed a fanless cooling system so the device was able to operate noiselessly and allowed for the internal speaker system to be heard without disruption


In addition it comes with smart covers accessories, that not only protect CINEMOOD but also unlock additional episodes of the cartoons they represent. The covers create a colorful, playful look for the device that allows kids to perceive it as a toy and encourages them use it often.