Portable projector with the cartoons for kids
Client: Cinemood

CINEMOOD was designed to give kids an alternative interface for technology. The mini portable projector and swappable smart covers let you turn any wall or ceiling into a personal theater. You can watch educational pre-selected cartoons, view digital books on the ceiling and even beam creative play environment to develop your babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Moreover, you can use it for yourself to watch your favorite movies, share family photos and even send video messages through mobile app when you are far away from home. Simple and safe, CINEMOOD is connected to a cloud library, so getting new content is always a breeze and totally wireless. 

CINEMOOD is designed to be as simple to use as possible. It's interface is very intuitive, so even kids or not-so-tech-savvy grandparents can use it without needing any instructions. A simple yet powerful projector that let’s you wirelessly download new content from library or download your own content into Internal Storage.

We've spent a year on experiments to bring the optimal optical configuration to CINEMOOD. Our main focus is to make the cube safe and silent, with passive cooling only. And we wanted kids to be able to play with it with no parents around, so we've limited the brightness level to the maximum of 35 lumens. That is safe for eyes even in direct contact.

CINEMOOD's true-colored DLP projection unit with 16:9 nHD resolution is best in twilight or any environment with limited or indirect light. This is a part of experience, by the way: in twilight with projected picture you would see that it's not the resolution that makes the experience truly magical.


design of kid-proof cases and stands