Pantone Matryoshka

Design toy concept

Matryoshka is one of the most notable of Russian crafts based on nesting doll principle. This project is a contemporary approach on the traditional doll. Colors chosen from the pantone color matching system, gradating from the most vibrant to the lightest pastel – depending on the size of Matryoshka, which creates a dynamic range of colors.

Material: plastic
Dimensions: 150 x 75 x 75 (mm)



"Famously perfected by Faberge in the late 1800’s the craft lives on today with Russian Designer Yar Rassadin whose Pantone Matryoshka collection takes inspiration from both the Pantone color matching system and a minimalist UFO style, making for a uniquely modern twist on the nearly 120 year old art form"

- Josh Spear