Samovar concept

In collaboration with Sergey Mozheyko
for ManWorksDesign Bureau

A samovar is a water heating container, mostly made of brass, with a pipe and built-in brazier inside."  Explanatory Dictionary of the Live Great Russian Language by V. Dal.

For Russian existence and for the entire lifestyle samovar meant more than just a water heater. For Russian people it was a peculiar symbol of hearth and home, coziness and friendly communication. During the 19th and 20th centuries samovar turned into a symbol of Russian way of life, a central object of tea ceremony, which in the 19th century was considered as a part of the national cultural tradition.

We have rethought the physical design and the construction of a classic charcoal-burning samovar and now we are reconstructing an old and practically forgotten national tradition - a tea ceremony, with a fascinating process of brew-up.

The aim was to create an original samovar not based on the traditional prototypes and to demonstrate that an object may look very different, but still keeps its main function - to heat the water. A charcoal-burning samovar that doesn't need electricity and gives a possibility to take part in the process of brew-up and the following tea ceremony in a big company.



The pipe construction allows an effective use of heat-producing value of a charcoal, distributing it homogeneously. Double body with a thermal insulation is safe in use. The low temperature on the upper shell allows the use of non conventional materials for refinishing of a body, such as wood or leather. A complicated form of a internal reservoir gives a unique method of water preparation, which is typical for samovars. Because of a natural convection, the liquid intensively circulates, mixes up and homogeneously and gradually warms up. The efficiency of a samovar is no less than 70%. The high volume and the construction allow preserving the water warm for a long time and providing a possibility for a leisured conversation without a necessity to add water to the samovar.

Technical parameters

Boiler volume – 25 l.
Overall size: Highness with tube - 733 mm. Wight – 495 mm. Body diameter (max) – 388 mm.

Без названия.jpg

Interni Russia commissioned us to take part in section called 50 Best Russian design objects. So we've updated our Samovar project to new copper edition.